Connect Studios

Tracey DiLeonardo, Owner/Founder

Connect Studios workshops focus on developing young performers who aspire to higher education, or perhaps a career, in one of the media arts vocations, including performance, creating or producing in stage, television and film.  The program is designed to supplement a student's focused training by providing an interactive and safe environment to apply their skills.  Our programs can be tailored to enhance a core curriculum at traditional schools offering or a school seeking to develop student and parent interest in creating a conservatory program.

Founded in 2010, Connect Studios began offering workshops focused on developing talent in young stage performers.  Most of our students are veterans of live stage productions in school and Non-equity Theater.  Many kids have had extensive training in voice and dance.  What we learned was a key missing ingredient to helping the kids to fully develop as performers:  constructive critical feedback. 

How important is feedback on one’s performance or audition to a performer?  For most it can mean a pattern of near miss auditions never leading to a coveted role, and a lingering wonder of what they can do to improve. Lack of quality, constructive feedback also denies the performer opportunity to discover their hidden potential, or passion, for the other vocations instrumental to developing and producing quality content.  For Parents, feedback is vital to developing and maintain awareness of their child’s strengths and passion, as well as to build a foundation for positive encouragement. 

Connect Studios workshops engage working professionals from the entertainment industry as instructors to kids who want to excel as performers.  Along the way, kids are introduced to the behind the scenes work that occurs in developing quality content. Our workshops are designed in collaboration with our instructors to enlist active participation by the students, and are right sized to ensure students receive sincere and constructive feedback on areas students can improve.  The instruction and feedback enables the student to also experience and discover the alternative facets of content development and production.

Our instructors have truly embraced our model focused on developing school age performers into potentially career minded future colleagues.  We’ve engaged with professionals from live theater, musical theater, television and film.  They’ve grown to include veteran actors, recording artists, choreographers, directors, writers, casting agents, publicists and producers from Hollywood, San Francisco and Equity Theater in NYC and Los Angeles. All of our instructors share a passion for their craft, and a strong desire to share their craft with others.

We believe our approach to education fills a gap between the purely academic oriented training and executing the production itself.  Our instructors, again industry professionals, have reinforced our focus this by conveying their feedback to us, and to the Parents. 

Given a chance to meet with you to discuss our program, we will convey that we envision our program as a possible adjunct (not a replacement) to our core curriculum.

Thank you for choosing Connect!